Sunday, November 16, 2008

All the stuff I should Have been posting...

We had an historic election! Where the guy who won did so on his own merits and also happens to be the first African-American president-elect in our nation's history!! Even MY state, a traditional Republican stronghold, went blue! And 70% of the voters of my state came out to vote, also historic! Yay!!

Also, I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and for the last month I've had to test my blood sugar four times a day and watch my diet verrrry carefully. Fortunately my case is mild and controllable by such methods...I have a grand new respect for all those who suffer from this condition. I really miss ice cream. Not to mention that when a person with diabetes gets a cold or the flu their sugars become even more difficult to control and asthma meds also spike sugar levels. In the future I will not only be taking preventative measures for myself to prevent a repeat of this, but if I'm sick with a cold I will endeavor even more than usual not to get anyone else sick - sheesh.
ANd having a cold while pregnant is by itself no fun! Fortunately you have extra cards to pull in order to get extra rest, which is nice and makes it a little easier :)

It also helps greatly with ALL of the above when you have a lovely husband who puts up with ALL of this and continues to be loving and sweet and supportive. Thanks STM!

SO...the Turkay. My due date is November 28th. On the 14th we had an ultrasound and they estimated this little munchkin to already be about 7 lb. 11 oz. Eeek! At that point the word 'induction' started popping up with ever greater frequency, as you can imagine. So, if the Turkey does not arrive by this Wednesday, the 19th, I will most likely be induced that evening and the Turkey would then be born, hopefully, by Thursday the 20th.

Which segues to my next does a first-time mom know she's in early labor?? I know what the book says, I know what my mom says (which was that she wasn't sure and had a doc appt, so she went to the appt and they sent her right into the hospital....) but I'm still not sure what this will be like for ME. So. But I'm having an awful lot more Braxton-Hicks. Enough that I'm going to start counting them today. And I'm getting a bit crampier every day. So.

Updates to follow!


College Glassblower said...

ok, so you need to get a flickr account for the little boy's insanely documented life so that we can all get pics on a regular basis!

Vika said...

Done and done. But it's DotPhoto, not Flickr :)